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Yukio Hirayama
Yukio Hirayama
Personal Info
Name (Japanese) 平山幸雄
Name (Romaji) Hirayama Yukio
Epithet Fake Akagi
Gender Male
Occupation Rep Player
Status Dead
Voiced By Ginpei Sato (佐藤銀平)

Manga Chapter 28

Anime Episode 8

Yukio Hirayama (平山幸雄 Hirayama Yukio), also know as Fake Akagi, was the representative mahjong player for the Kawada Yakuza group after he was discovered and introduced to them by Yasuoka. Despite his physical resemblance to Akagi, his playing style is based solely on mathematical calculations and probability, in contrast to Akagi's natural gambling insight, inhumane luck, and psychological manipulation abilities. He lacks the courage required to be a true gambler, making him unable to beat Urabe by falling for his strong bluffs. He is eventually killed by Washizu after failing to beat him in Washizu mahjong.