Personal Info
Name (Japanese) 吉岡
Name (Romaji) Yoshioka
Epithet Okamoto (岡本)in parts of the manga
Gender Male
Affiliation Washizu
Occupation Washizu's Servant
Voiced By Miyake Kenta (三宅健太)

Manga Chapter 65

Anime Episode 15

Yoshioka (吉岡)is the one of Washizu's underlings. He and Suzuki are his two most prominent underlings. Yoshioka usually stands behind Washizu and provides commentary for the reader on his hand.

Name Edit

In the Anime, the character is referred to as Yoshioka in all instances, both when Washizu addresses him in his first appearance[1] and when the Narrator refers to him in a moment at the start of the East 2nd Round of the 3rd Hanchan[2]. However, the only time when he is referred to as Yoshioka in the manga is in Volume 11, Chapter 95. All other references to him are as Okamoto.

The English translations of the manga by FKMTkrazy eliminate this discrepancy by always referring to him as Yoshioka.

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