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Osamu Nozaki
Osamu Nozaki
Personal Info
Name (Japanese) 野崎治
Name (Romaji) Nozaki Osamu
Gender Male
Affiliation Akagi
Occupation Factory worker (former)

Shop employee (former)

Voiced By Yuudai Satou

Manga Chapter 29

Anime Episode 8

Osamu Nozaki (野崎治) was Shigeru Akagi's colleague in the toy factory they worked in, and current travel partner. He was often the victim to his seniors' mahjong hustling back in the factory, and played an important role in Shigeru's match with Urabe.


Osamu is a young Japanese man with a skinny form and short brown hair, brown eyes and freckles. Throughout the series, he's for the most part seen wearing a button-down and pants, this shirt later being turned into an overshirt after the second timeskip.


Osamu has a cheerful and naive persona, as noted by Shigeru. He likes feeling the thrill of a gamble, one of the reasons he continues to travel with Shigeru after the match with Iwao Washizu, though he doesn't seem to take part in the gambling much himself, perhaps implying that he doesn't like taking many risks.

However, Osamu is very yielding and compliant, not liking to make others angry very much, resulting in him getting convinced into mahjong matches with his former seniors in the toy factory whenever someone refused to be the trio's fourth player. It is also shown later into the mahjong match against Urabe, he breaks understandably easily under pressure, especially when he hears the sum of money he is supposed to be battling for.


Shigeru Akagi

Prior to the mahjong match with the three seniors, Osamu was merely acquaintances with Shigeru and held no knowledge of his typically cold and unrelenting nature. He tried to convince Shigeru not to go with Nango and Ishikawa, hoping he would take his place in the game.

Shigeru, however, seems to trust Osamu and know his character very well, as he recommended to bring Osamu along to the match in Urabe, also instructing the yakuza members he was playing for to lie about the amount as to take the pressure off Osamu's shoulders.

Osamu seems to have a large amount of trust in Shigeru and respects him greatly, especially his gambling prowess. He also cares for Shigeru's wellbeing, as shown by him refusing Shigeru's urge for Osamu to leave, knowing that with Shigeru's inability to speak with others properly, he wouldn't last long or integrate properly. Shigeru also seems to reciprocate these sentiments, likely caring for Osamu as well, judging from his urging Osamu several times over the course of their interactions to stop associating himself with Shigeru, knowing it wouldn't do Osamu any good.