Ohgi Takeshi
Ohgi Takeshi
Personal Info
Name (Japanese) 仰木武司(おおぎ たけし)
Name (Romaji) Oogi Takeshi
Gender Male
  • Inada Group
  • Santou Group
Occupation Yakuza Underboss
Voiced By Futamata Issei (二又一成)

Manga Chapter 57

Anime Episode 14

Ohgi (仰木武司) is the underboss of the Inada group, a subsidiary of the Santou group. He originally supplied sheep for Washizu to prey on. Together with Yasuoka, they saved Akagi from a meaningless death at the hands of the Kurata gambling house, and brought him as an assassin to kill Washizu in a death match. During the match, his right arm was wagered on victory at Washizu's request.

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