Iwao Washizu
Iwao Washizu
Personal Info
Name (Japanese) 鷲巣巌
Name (Romaji) Washizu Iwao
Age 75 (according to King Enma)
Gender Male
Status Active
Voiced By Masane Tsukayama (津嘉山正種)

Manga Chapter 65

Anime Episode 16

Iwao Washizu (鷲巣巌, Washizu Iwao) is an old man who has made hundreds of billions of yen and become one of the most powerful people in the underground world, and acts as the main antagonist of the Washizu Arc.

Appearance Edit

Washizu has long, slicked-back white hair and a long crooked nose. He is typically seen with a toothy smirk.

He wears a black long blazer and a low-cut vest with four links holding it shut, flowers on the ends of each. In the manga, Washizu can be seen wearing a bright red top with a tall mandarin collar, trimmed and embroidered with golden yellow. In the anime, the shirt's red and the vest's black are swapped.

Personality Edit

Washizu is an obsessive and confident, almost cocky old man who uses large sums of money to tempt younger people into betting their lives in mahjong games.

He invented a new variation of mahjong which he named after himself - Washizu Mahjong. He enjoys playing these games greatly, and the bets throughout the games are counted in blood. Washizu finds joy and amusement in watching the suffering of others, which is why he plays this version - the victim slowly loses their blood, resulting in a slow and dreadful end.

Plot Edit

Prior to manga Edit

After building up massive funds from shady dealings in Japan's post-war era. He enjoys doing this, so a match between Akagi and Washizu was arranged.

Washizu Mahjong Edit

Washizu Mahjong 1

Akagi's first Ron playing Washizu Mahjong

Washizu Mahjong is a version of normal mahjong in which some of the pieces are made of glass - they are transparent. This adds an extra layer of psychological work and analysis, and makes the game much more difficult and interesting to play.

Trivia Edit

  • A spin-off, Washizu: Enma no Tohai, depicting Washizu in the pre and early post-war period, began serialization in Kindai Majan in 2008.
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